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The Tibetan art like twinkle stars is everywhere. With its mysterious cultural breath and the Tibetan's wisdom or hardworking, it is in highland, in Khangpa area, in temples and in common families. It's like snow lotus and blossom out in every corner of the highland, which comes from Tibetan developing course in their long-term history.


Thangka is colorful painting axes which is been breded or painted on silk or paper. The content of most Thangka is mainly the images of Buddha, Gods, and each kind of mystical religious design, artistic totem, writing mark etc.


Insisting on our tenet all along, Thangkar T-shirt Workshop apply ourselves to publicize national, splendid, tradional cultrue and art. In our web-site, you will find the pertinent articles. Although there are not more, it's enough for you to appreciate the outstanding culture from the ancient fields and the people.


Thangkar T-shirt Workshop - one of the excellent Tibetan Culture & Buddhism Art workshop in China! Our shop will attempt the people into one mystical, gorgeous Tibetan nationality design art world.

we design all images of our T-shirts and  print them ourself !

If there's a lotus in your heart, you can practise buddhism anywhere!


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