The schools of Tibetan paintings :

Different styles of Thangka representative different schools of paintings in Tibet. The painting school of Tibet can divide into :

Karma Gardri school

Karma Gardri is one of the schools of Tibetan paintings and sculptures styles.

It is said this school follows the painting style which had been used by Karma Mikye Dorje in the Figure Measurement composed by himself and was famous for painting calm and kind-hearted personal figures.4 hands Avalokiteshvara

Chintse School

Chintse School is founded by Chintse Chamao of KhongKarLdo in Tibet. This school was born out of ManThangPa painting style and prolongs the painting style of ManThangPa.

Mansaer School

The fouder of Mansaer School was Tshanpa Quyang Gyatso. Their painting style is close to the ManNyang School with characteristic of boorish lines, powerful faces, taller figures, dense color and fine painting techniques.

Karlre School

Karlre School was founded by the Lama Namka Tsashi who combined the technique of measurement in Tibetan painting style with those of colouring and arrangement in chinese painting of the Han nationality. Six hands Mahakala

It has characteristic of large picture and various contents. The personage been painted almost had comeliness and pretty face and implicit smile.

Jechupi School

Jechupi School is a school of painting founded by Karma Choying Dorje who absorbed the painting style of Kashmir on the basis of Tibetan painting.

Manlu School

Manlu School is the total call of ManNyang School and Mansaer School.

TanLu School

The painting style of Scholars named Chocar and ManThang Tshaca and so on is called TanLu School. They had written many art books like Figure Measurement Favonian Beads etc.

Shigampa School

The painting style of Shigampa and schools which kept this painting style are totally called Shigampa School. It is also called Nepal School because of been influenced by the painting style of Nepal.

Tyare School

Tyare School is a school which combined the painting style of Karlre school and ManThangpa school. They mostly pay attention to the sculpt, xpression and connotation of the persons painted. There are many famous painters in this school like Tendzin Norepu, Rongpa SonamGepo, TsiLa PhuriWu TshayRang, ThangLa ChaiWang etc.

ManNyang School

It is the earlist painting school in Tibet which was founded by Manla TongTsu in the 14 th century. The persons painted in their works were almost with a smile as anger, with a slim and graceful figure and verisimilar expression , wearing magnificent clothes, been colored refinedly, and the yardstick of every position of the body is moderate.