NO. EKA001


(Tibetan: ral chig ma. English: One Braid of Hair), the principal protectress and guardian of the 'Revealed Treasure' tradition of the Nyingma School.

Black in colour and fearsome in appearance she has one central eye and one long white tooth, sharp, biting down over the lower lip. Her yellow hair flows upward like flames, twisted into a single braid. The right arm is held upward with the hand in a wrathful gesture, the index finger pointed outward and emanating the form of a wolf, she brandishes a stick adorned with an impaled corpse. The left hand upraised to the mouth holds a dark red human heart that almost conceals her single downward hanging breast. Adorned with a tiara composed of five flower blossoms and three skulls, a scarf of smoke encircling the neck, the ears and limbs are decorated with earrings, bracelets, armlets and anklets while a flayed tiger skin is wrapped about the waist. Completely surrounded by smoke and flames, with the right leg raised in a dancing posture she stands with the left foot pressing down on a prone figure lying atop a lotus blossom seat above a triangular throne decorated with nine human skulls.

"Arising from the mandala of suffocating black wind at a kalpa's end,
Mistress of a host of activities and pristine awareness,
Leader of the Mamos, Great Queen of the World;
Homage to the Lord of Mantra, Ekajati!" (Nyingma liturgical verse).

Ekajati is a principal female protector in both the Nyingma (Old) and Sarma (New: Sakya, Kagyu, Gelug) Schools of Tibetan Buddhism. In the Nyingma School she is the chief protector for the 'Revealed Treasure' traditions and manifests in numerous forms, often appearing with only one eye and one tooth, sometimes with only one leg as in the red manifestation from the Longchen Nyintig tradition of Jigme Lingpa. The different forms and descriptions of Ekajati are found in the various 'Revealed Treasure' texts of the Nyingma School.

In the Sarma Schools she is the mother of Shri Devi (Palden Lhamo) and has a more typical appearance with one face, three eyes, and two breasts, always in a semi-wrathful visage and with one braid of hair (Sanskrit: eka, one; jati, braid [of hair]). She is found in the various Mahakala Tantra texts (anuttaryoga class) originating from India. Ekajati is also found in the lower kriya tantra texts and more commonly in association with the important figure of Tara where she is often seen as an attendant figure standing on the left while the goddess Brikuti stands on the right side.

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NO. RAH001


Rahula (Tibetan: kyab jug): wrathful protector of the Revealed Treasure Tradition.

Fiercely wrathful, black in colour, with nine heads, each face has three large eyes and a gaping mouth with exposed fangs. The right faces are green, left red and the central black, the top central face is white. On the stomach is the large face of the original Rahula who devoured the nine celestial planets. The body is covered with numerous eyes. In the first pair of hands are a drawn bow and arrow. The second right holds aloft a makara stick and the left a snake lasso. Adorned with crowns of five skulls and gold earrings he wears a green scarf and various coloured lower garments. The lower body is that of a coiled naga serpent, dark blue in colour, rising out of a blood filled black triangle enclosure; surrounded by orange flames and black smoke. In a skullcup in front is a large triangular red torma offering (stylized food) with two more offering skullcups arranged at the sides of the enclosure.

"From a fierce E [syllable] in a realm equal to space, the Lord arises out of wrathful activity, smoky, with nine heads, four hands and a thousand blazing eyes; homage to the Great Rahula - Protector of the Teachings." (Nyingma liturgical verse).

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NO. DLE001

Dorje Legpa

Dorje Legpa (Sanskrit: Vajra Sadhu). Oath bound worldly protector of the Nyingma School, guardian of the Revealed Treasure Tradition.

Tibetan: Dor je leg pa Sanskrit: Vajra Sadhu

Wrathful, maroon in colour, he has one face, two hands, three round eyes, a gaping mouth and yellow hair flowing upward like flame. The first hand extended to the right holds a gold vajra and the left a human heart held up to the mouth. Adorned with gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets he wears a hat, round in shape and gold color, crowned with a half vajra. Attired in long flowing garments and boots, his body is well covered, seated atop a snow lion pressing down on a red corpse and sun disc above a lotus seat. The snow lion head is turned upward to show respect for the master; surrounded by thick black smoke and the flames of pristine awareness.

Indigenous to Tibet, the daemon Dorje Legpa was subjugated in the 8th century by Guru Padmasambhava and oath bound as a Dharma protector. His primary function is to safeguard the Revealed Treasure texts (Terma) of the Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

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