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No. 81301
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Protective Talsiman Chart
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short sleeve
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Protective Talsiman Chart (Tibetan: sid pa ho).
The central figure is a yellow tortoise, emanation of the bodhisattva Manjushri, lying on the back with the head pointed upward
and the four limbs extended at the sides holding staves with impaled corpses. In the center of the round flat belly is a small circle of nine squares containing the 9 magic numbers (Tib.: me wa gu). Surrounding that are the 8 trigrams (Tib.: par kha ge) of Chinese origin. Representing the elements, contains the 12 animal figures of the 60 Year Cycle; surrounded by flames.
Freely custom made
Yes, you can also choose the images at the front or back of the Tee, you can freely combine our images at the Tee!
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