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No. 81303
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Karmapa Chenno
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short sleeve
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The images creativity from a UK artist Tashi Mannox's calligraphy designs.
"The meaning of karma is action or activity. So Karmapa is one who does the activity of the buddhas. At the age of sixteen Dusum
Khyenpa had a vision that 1000 dakinis made a Black Hat and offered it to the Karmapa. He was enthroned as one who does the activity of all buddhas and bodhisattvas.

Karmapa does not have to be one individual. It is the name of all vajra masters who do the activity of the Buddha. Buddha said
that when the dharma is near extinction, he would come and bring out the positive, light side of people's nature.

Chenno means know me, remember me. We don't have to say it aloud. We can say it from the heart."

- His Holiness Karmapa, explaining the meaning of the mantra "Karmapa Chenno" at the 2009 Kagyu Monlam
Freely custom made
Yes, you can also choose the images at the front or back of the Tee, you can freely combine our images at the Tee!
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