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No. 7016
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Shri Chitipati
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short sleeve
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Shri Chitipati, Father-Mother (Tibetan: pal dur tro gyi dag po yab yum. English: The Glorious Lords of the Pyre, Father-Mother).

In skeletal form, white in colour they have one face with three red glaring eyes and two hands each. The Father on the left holds aloft a bone stick with the right hand and in the left a blood filled skullcup held to the heart, wearing a tiger skin, standing on a conch shell.

The Mother holds a stalk of grain in the upraised right and a vase in the left, wearing various silks, standing on a cowrie shell. Both are adorned with a tiara of five dry skulls, ear ornaments and green silk scarves, dancing on one leg above a sun disc and multi-coloured lotus surrounded by the orange flames of pristine awareness.

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