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As the goddess of learning and arts, Sarasvati (also spelled Saraswati) is in many ways a counterpart to Manjushri, the male Bodhisattva of discriminating wisdom. Sarasvati is a peaceful yidam who holds a vina (a sitar-like lute) on her lap; she also sometimes holds a text.

She is white-coloured with one face, two eyes, and two arms. A thangka reproduction can be seen on Dharma Publishing's Sacred Art site.

There is also a Hindu deity named Sarasvati with near-identical attributes. She is sometimes connected to Palden Lhamo, who may be regarded as Sarasvati in wrathful form.

She is the Hindu goddess at the beginning, were afterwards led into Tibetan buddhism, also called Fairy of Wonderful Sound.Her body is very spotless white and her black hair is coiled on her head decorated with flowers.She is wearing celestial clothes and the skirt in five colours.Her left hand is holding Pipa-Lute and her right hand is picking it.The music is so sweet that is can touch the heart of every living creature both in the heaven and in the world.

People of ancient times, being deficient in intelligence, prayed to the buddhas. The power of these buddhas arose in the form of this goddess. Tibetan Buddhism holds that anyone who rely on her with faith will find their wisdom becoming sharper, and their wishes for clarity of mind, accuracy of memory, and so forth will be fulfilled.

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