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No. 81001
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Pratiprasrabdha Two Obstacles
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short sleeve
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Pratiprasrabdha Two Obstacles (Clear away Two Obstacles)
Two Obstacles refer to
1. kleshavarana, the obstacle of afflictions.
2. jneyavarana, the obstacle of what is known.
In order to eradicate our two levels of obscurationthe obscurations of delusion [Skt: kleshavarana; Tib: nyon-drib] and the
obscurations to knowledge, or omniscience [Skt: jneyavarana; Tib: she-drib]we must achieve the wisdom realizing the non-self-
existence of the I. Doing so also depends upon achieving method, such as compassion and so forth. Its a mistake to practice only wisdom and not method. This can lead us to fall into individual liberation, or lower nirvana. Similarly, practicing only method and not wisdom is also a mistake and causes us to remain in samsara....
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