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No. 81102
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Seal of Phags-pa script
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short sleeve
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Seal of Phags-pa script
The world's first "Phags-pa script" T-shirt.

The "Phags-pa script" was designed by the Tibetan Lama Phags-pa ("Lodoi Jaltsan" ,"Gro-mgon Chos-rgyal") for Yuan emperor Kublai Khan, as a unified script for the literary languages of the Yuan Dynasty. Widespread use was limited to about a hundred years during the Yuan Dynasty, and it fell out of use with the advent of the Ming Dynasty. The documentation of its use provides linguists clues about the changes in Chinese, Tibetan, Mongol, and neighboring languages during the Yuan era.

Freely custom made
Yes, you can also choose the images at the front or back of the Tee, you can freely combine our images at the Tee!
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